Woman Spotted “Dangerous Animal” And Called Animal Control. It Was A…

Animal rescuers face many unexpected, dangerous, and exciting revelations through their job every day. Backing up by a recent incident. Recently, in Poland, some rescuers had no idea what was in store for them when they were called in to help tackle an extremely dangerous animal. This creature was perched on a tree for many days.

They went in with full preparation to battle the creature and put things under control, but all they got was a big good, old croissant right there. Yes, that’s all that it was!

Woman misunderstood it to be a deadly creature

The woman panicked and called the animal welfare society. She thought that at first, it was an animal not moving an inch. This scared the people living around, as they would not open windows in fear of it coming closer. This woman had reached out to the authorities earlier and received responses like the animal might have been sick or maybe just has died.

She did not give up and continued to complain, and eventually, they sent a rescue team. It was then finally discovered that it was an old croissant that must have been thrown to feed the stray but it stuck to a tree. This incident was also posted on social media and quickly came to the attention of many.

What surfaced on social media?

Videos and pictures from the incident were clicked, where the woman asked and reached out for help on social media. The comments from the inspector were suggestions that it could be a bird or a sick animal. The woman continued to complain that it could be an iguana and rather cause harm to anyone around. She did not give up and eventually landed the animal welfare officers to come for help and solve the issue.

The real revelation only happened with the authorities reaching the spot. The problem was immediately solved, and this issue became a fun, laughing matter for people around.

The good thing to note

There is one good thing to note from the incident, that social media was a medium that helped solved an issue. The woman reached out first on Facebook, and eventually, that’s what led to action. Similarly, after the incident, a lot more was made aware of the situation.

Teaching an important lesson that social media is a powerful tool and helps you voice out your opinions, problems and seek help or guidance. Adding to that, it is the most commonly used tool for entertainment, fun, and lighthearted comedy. It sure does bring a smile to people’s faces, and connections happen beyond boundaries.

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