Riders Climbed Down 200 Feet in the UK After Roller Coaster Is Stuck Midway

On Sunday afternoon, enthusiastic riders on The Big One were caught in a state of shock when it suddenly stopped near the top. Stuck 200 feet up from the land, shocked and scared, the riders had to climb down the long-distance, as attempting to fix the breakdown with riders in it could put their lives at bigger risk. This was a tricky situation with dangers both ways, but it was averted with another quick thought of measure.

UK’s record-breaking rollercoaster

When opened in 1994, this rollercoaster was the tallest and steepest of its time. It also held the record for two long years. The height of which is 231 ft. In news again, this time bringing about the news that scared, thrilled, and shocked people. In a matter of few hours, the breakdown news all everywhere, and users on social media platforms were quick to share and talk about the incident.

Staff’s explanation on the breakdown

The staff narrated the incident as a complete and unfortunate technical failure, and as the stoppage occurred midway of the ride. The best way was to follow safety protocol and help riders safely climb down from the ride. The ride was soon checked after all riders were escorted out. The staff fixed the issue, carried out a dry run, and re-opened the ride in one and a half hours after its breakdown.

It was a good and efficient drill down, and all riders were guided and within some time, they all could climb down from the ride that stopped mid-top. A situation that could have been much worse, but thankfully we could get away, safety was intact.

Reactions and comments from people

Users took to posting, commenting, and chatting about the incident. The general sentiment was towards shock and making fun of the incident. Some users were terrified upon learning of the incident and felt that they would have had a nervous breakdown if they were on the ride when it stopped.

Some users took to light comedy, making jokes about the whole situation. Taken in a good light, the users and people were also feeling glad that there was no injury, and our riders were safely brought down.

Rollercoaster maintenance is high

 It is important to understand how to avoid a similar situation that puts so many lives at risk. While technical issues can occur at any given point, for rollercoasters, staff, and runners, keep a close check on the functioning and maintenance of the rides. The machines are refurbished and maintained well to enable smooth function and offer what it was built for – riders to have a fun and thrilling experience.

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