Mother Finds 8th Grade Son’s Spotify Playlist

Moms getting upset at silly things may be one of the funniest things ever. In this case, this Mom finds her 8th grade sons spotify playlist filled with hip hop and rap songs with some explicit lyrics. The real MVP of this though is this unfortunate boys older sister who decided to record her moms meltdown, and subsequent disciplining of here younger brother. She was a pretty good camera operator too. I died when she zoomed in on Jesus. Then when she cut to her yelling at him in his room. OMG that was funny!

“You like that? Talking about fuckin’ and sex and suckin’?”

Now while im not a parent, and this Mom is allowed to punish her child for listening to some of that music if she wants, i find it a bit silly. She was telling him it was affecting his grades and turning him psychotic… Lady, are you for real? I think you guys will agree with me after seeing these next couple of images…

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