Even Animals Are Capable of Random Acts of Kindness

Animals can be utterly amazing when they interact with people. These 2 incredible stories will show you how…


Robin the bird that sensed danger

Two children found an injured bird, Anne, while they played. They happily took the bird home and their mother took care of her until she was well. Once fully recovered, the mother tried to take back the bird to the forest but she would not go. She tried so many times but Anne kept coming back.

One day the family went for a long road trip, Anne came along. During the night, they slept in their car. When they were asleep, Anne flew to the mother’s ear shrilling relentlessly. The mother woke up furiously only to see a big trailer-lorry packed close to them. One of the lorry’s exhaust pipes was spewing fumes into their car through an open window. It was only a matter of time for them to suffocate. She hastily woke up her children and they drove away. Never again did she try to bring the bird back to the forest.


A cat that attended his master’s burial.

A man went for a trip leaving his cat, Ben, at home. While away, he was involved in an accident. He was taken to a hospital where he died a few days later.

On the day of the man’s burial, his family was there. One of the dead man’s brothers had been to his house and always found a cat. As the burial ceremony went on, a cat approached from one corner of the cemetery. He came to the edge of the grave, looked inside for a few seconds and then turned away. The brother who knew Ben, the dead man’s cat, identified him and took him into his arms. He wondered how the cat knew of the burial and where it would be. That was one act of an adorable cat.

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