Dog’s Head Gets Stuck in Gate and Officers Attempt to Rescue it!

Generally it’s a pretty good idea to have a fence to keep your dog safe.

Making sure that fence is in good condition is also important, however, so your pup and other wildlife aren’t injured by it. One careless owner did the exact oppostie, and their puppy got its poor neck stuck in the chain link of the gate. Not only did they not help the dog, they abandoned it to fend for itself, dragging the gate along, too.

Fortunately Greenville County Sheriff Officers were there to help. Watch as they complete this touching rescue.

Amazing Dog Rescue

"All in a day's work! Greenville County Sheriff Officer Master Deputy John Boyd made sure this beautiful pup lived to bark another day! This dog has not been claimed by his owners and is currently available for adoption at Greenville County Animal Care. $35 and waiting for a caring owner like you!"#LoveWhatMattersCredit: Greenville County Sheriff's Office

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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