Delivery Chaos: An Apple iPhone Instead Of The Fruit Apple

How many times do you find incorrect items in your grocery order? Perhaps, it is common and has happened to most of us, and a lot of times. But have you ever received an iPhone instead of your apples?

Yes, this happened with Nick James, a 50-year-old from Britain. He went to Tesco on his usual grocery store run and was asked to look for some surprise in his grocery bag, and upon opening the bag; he found what left everyone excited and inquisitive.

James reaction to his surprise

James, who only went to complete his grocery run, came back home with an unusual and never thought of surprise. He said, “When they asked me to open my bag for a surprise, the most I was expecting was maybe an Easter egg or sweets! I was amazed to see an Apple phone in place of apples. Tesco has made my son’s week with their awesome campaign.”

James took to Twitter to share his sweet surprise, and in his tweet, he shared an image of the gift, the note right from the grocery store. This attracted many eyeballs and got many users excited, and looking forward to knowing more about this brand campaign that shot to instant fame and success.

Tesco’s fun retailer’s weeklong campaign

James’ tweet went viral and brought about a sea of questions to the brand and their store. The brand sent out a response saying that James’ surprise was a part of their week-long, called the click+collect orders. The idea was to create a notion and a feeling that amazing things could happen when smartphones and supermarkets came together. The idea could have been to integrate users to download apps and order groceries online.

As part of the campaign, the brand has plans to send away 80 units of top tech gadgets as surprises on customer orders. Just as James received an apple iPhone SE phone, the brand had integrated surprise gifts upon random customer orders. They also added small notes with the gift to inform and talk about their campaign in a fun and quirky way.

Viral tweets and reactions on social media

A clever and smart marketing ploy by the brand took users by absolute excitement, and that certainly helped create a buzz and send across a strong marketing sentiment for Tesco. This did create a social media frenzy where users began to order in the hope of a secret surprise.

Users began to share their anticipation and thoughts on the campaign, which got Tesco the right brand recognition it deserved. A fresh and fun marketing tactic is sure the way to Tesco’s increased consumer and fan base.

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