Bus Pulls In Front Of Demolition Camera At The Wrong Moment

In the realm of live television, if something can go wrong, chances are it probably will. This is a great example of it happening

As the Georgia Dome was set to be demolished, the Weather Channel saw the event as something viewers would enjoy. Unfortunately, at the very moment the building was starting to go down, the live footage of the event was compromised by an untimely city bus. Thanks to a stoplight at the top of the hill, viewers were treated to a nice shot of the bus with dust and debris shooting up in the background.

By the time the light had turned green, the demolition was already complete and the Weather Channel’s live exclusive was nothing more than an epic fail. At least they get at epic fail video of the demolition, which may in the long run, get them more views then the demolition would have gotten them if the bus didn’t interrupt it.

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