I Bet You Didn’y Know That Ravens Can Actually Talk!

Parrots got nothing on these guys! This is only one of a ton of other such videos you can find. I nearly jumped out of my skin at how human they sound. I found this video particularly amusing; with it in mind, all those Castle Black scenes with Mormont’s annoying raven are much better for me.

Part of my problem was I always had cawing crows in mind when I read the books. I really had no idea of the difference between crows and ravens, but some more video searches set me straight.

Here I thought George R.R. Martin was just being whimsical. I actually feel kind of silly now.

Crows are actually really intelligent themselves. They’ll recognize faces and remember the ones that are nice and the ones that are mean to them. They’ve also been known to leave gifts like shiny trinkets and such (although rarely) for people who feed them a lot.

Now for the part that will blow your mind: They actually have the ability to describe individuals to other crows, even other generations. So if you’ve ever fucked with a crow, their children will most likely know about it and be able to recognize you.

Oh, and they can be trained to talk too. They really are fascinating birds.

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