Bear Stands Straight to Have Some Snacks

Black bears are a common sight in Gatlinburg in eastern Tennessee, USA but what is not common are some of them walking upright or opening car doors, but just this what just happened recently. Can’t believe what you just read? Scroll down more for this incident and a video!

This shocking and new fun to see incident occurred in front of a group of boys, who were enjoying a party at a cabin nearby.

What did they exactly see?

Supporting footage of the incident shot captured the bear standing on two feet, opening the front door in an attempt to get some candies out, that he must have spotted from a distance. As soon as it could take the candies out, it went back on four feet and enjoyed the snacks!

This was a far more unexpected and rather enjoyable sight for the boys first and later for all on social media.

More about the funny incident

Gatlinburg is quite a unique and fun location itself, and with so many bears in surrounding forests and places, incidents and encounters are a common affair for people around. The forest department has stated such incidents in the past, where bears are seen doing human activities, like opening a car and sitting inside it or picking up food from places that are within reach.

Reactions and comments on social media

Social media platforms and their users are quick to spot and make funny videos and incidents viral. The same happened with this bear video, where snippets and pictures surfaced on people’s feeds, and it was a rather show for people around the world, where they can just share jokes, laugh, and have lots of fun.

Memes have become the new way of communication, where life incidents and people’s reactions are presented in a funny, lighthearted way. They have not only become widely popular but also help channelize people’s creativity and imagination.

Memes and videos on social media

On social media, as one thing starts to get viral or catches attention, people turn to creating and sharing more of such videos, posts with others. It is always a chance to laugh your heart out when watching these funny memes. It is extensively popular, loved by all, and is a perfect mood changer and stress buster.

Creators and influencers use their following to amplify these funny videos, and it reaches people and is further shared by some more people. This cycle is what makes such videos on social media popular and also something everyone is talking about

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