Baby Dinosaur Spotted In Florida? Woman Shares A Video And The Netizens Are Confused 

Christina Ryan, a woman in Florida, thinks she saw a baby dinosaur in her home yard. A five-second hazy and blurry video was shared from her surveillance cameras, where an animal or a creature is seen walking past at 3:40 in the morning. The video went viral grabbing a lot of attention on news channels and mostly on social media platforms.

Christina Ryan looked at the video from overnight just as she does every day. But, this morning she was taken by shock when she noticed something very unusual. Upon showing the video to her family and people around her, this soon became a talk of the town with many views on it.

Was it really a baby dinosaur? How can it be? They are extinct creatures with no signs of existence for centuries. Can this even be possible, with no scientific evidence but a video, what is to believe and what not?

This could have just been any animal walking past, and with the video shot in night mode and blurry, it’s difficult to draw one conclusion.

Creature looking like a baby dino

Christina showed the video to people around; the sentiment or notion was rather similar. Many believed that the creature could have been a baby dino. She said, “I also thought it could be a fox or a dog, but then they do not walk that way. The creature had very different back legs, nowhere close to other animals. She also said, “Maybe I have watched too much of Jurassic Park, and I can’t decide. But, it certainly was not an animal or creature that we see very often.”

Reactions from viral video

As the video goes viral, many dropped their comments and feelings on social media. Some felt it looked like a turkey. A user even said that this feels normal and that maybe we have entered a new era. Many reactions were similar to Christina’s and polls said that it definitely looked like a small dinosaur. The truth is unknown, and with so many reactions, maybe the reality is far away from known.

Christina chooses to believe what she saw

Christina is choosing to go with the fact that she thinks she saw a raptor. She has never seen any similar creature that she saw from the video. The legs of the creature are very different, so is the tail and with no other way to solve this, she wants to go ahead, convinced that she had seen nothing else but a dinosaur.

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