The Levels of Wealth

I hate when people say “money can’t buy happiness”. I would be pretty damn happy if I didn’t have to spend most of my time working a bullshit job.

If your family has always been rich, then “money can’t buy happiness” is probably right for you. If you’re a millionaire, then getting another million probably won’t change things. BUT If your family (or you) has ever been poor, then money can and will buy happiness. It’ll solve most of your major problems, resolve your anxiety and/or depression, and it’ll directly lead to you living happier and longer. And by “poor”, I mean going from earning mabye $35k/year or less to earning $100k+/year.

Casually Explained Youtube Channel

The amount of wealth the 0.001% is truly insane. You watch a video like this just to see how crazy 1 billion is and then that gets multiplied by 10, 20, and even 100 with Bezos. I have never been able to visualize it. 100,000 dollars is literally chump change to a billionaire…

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